Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Does A Prolapsed Bladder Look Like Please, Please Help Me.

Please, please help me. - what does a prolapsed bladder look like

For all women. I ask you to do something for me. Could you please a mirror, keep your vagina and then locate the opening. If this has happened, could not resist the stress and down and tell me what you see? Because if I do I see a huge bulge when I had a prolapsed bladder? But I'm only 19 years! I never had sex. I do not understand why it could be. I also have a very low neck. My sister told me that it was possible for me to have at my age, if they do not test me. I am very concerned because it looks exactly like the pictures of the cystocele (bladder) incident. We ask the women in the presentation of pelvic examinations also check that does not protrude, and I have a big one! Please help me.

Could you check?

Sorry, andThank you for listening.


Sarah M said...

For some reason I had always seen the same, I do not know why, but please do not worry, not so much good to you.
I have no package, just open, but see most of mai has prolapsed bladder or uterus, then go to a 2-assessment is examined.
Try not to be disturbed, and a proper diagnosis can be harassed by someone to ask you!
HUN look good:)

Teachr said...

I did not look in a mirror, because I know I am normal ... Are you sure you a package or it could vulvalar excessive tissue, or a slightly enlarged clitoris. When in doubt, try to see these views in normal and abnormal sites of publication:

View normal vaginal: ...

Abnormal Views: ... ...

JediMast... said...

Suggest calm, do not panic.

I suggest if you can make an appointment at the hospital by a woman and to see a gynecologist for a check there, especially if you've never been in one.

Do not worry, they are trained to deal with newcomers. :)

fashionably late said...

is ... ur, hymen?

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